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 Tops! We Are a Different Kind of Retailer!

First and foremost, we know our stuff! We have been in business since 1945 and take great pride in offering quality products that are a great value for our customers. We work tirelessly to be an expert on every single product we offer. We don't just carry any old product just to be able to "make a sale". It actually takes a lot for a product to be researched and sold by our company. We always want our customers to know that they can shop in confidence when purchasing from Tops Vacuum and Sewing.

Since technology is ever-changing and advancing in our industry, it is important for us to stay at the forefront of all the latest innovations and offer our customers the most up-to-date selection on high quality goods. All of our products are hand selected from reputable and reliable vendors. When considering the products we are going to offer we look for several key factors. First: the product needs to be reliable; second: the product must be easy to learn and use; third: the product needs to be a good value and offer you the most for your money. As retailer, we understand the importance of selling quality goods and balancing this with a dedicated and supported customer experience. Customers are our number one priority. We believe that creating the best buying experience is the key ingredient in creating happy customers. At Tops Vacuum and Sewing, we will never knowingly cut corners on quality or service!

  INNOVA Built to Quilt!

Industrial engineering and expertise is evident in the construction of the INNOVA Longarm Quilting Machine. The  INNOVA boasts many features which include most importantly the fastest motor, lowest maintenance, most reliable stitch quality, and best customer service available today in the Longarm quilting community. Other class leading standard features include both front and rear handle bars with start/stop controls, along with half stitch button and a selectable needle stop (up/down) position. The  INNOVA quilting machine has a rotary thread tensioner, and adjustable spring-loaded hopping foot. 

INNOVA’s exclusive “Patented” spring loaded hopping foot is crucial in its design. Traditional hopping feet are rigidly mounted and do not adjust for varying thicknesses of quilt tops. The  INNOVA spring loaded hopping foot automatically compensates for inconsistencies in your fiber fill or for extra heavy seam allowances which minimizes thread breaks and skipping. The  INNOVA comes standard with a laser and mechanical stylus, as well as a fabulous adjustable fluorescent work lamp which allows for incomparable visibility of your work surface.

The ABM INNOVA is very lightweight, well balanced, and includes Pro-Glider composite non-marking wheels for effortless and complete control of the sewhead reducing user fatigue and increasing design accuracy. ‚Äč INNOVA comes standard with a style "M" large capacity hook for fewer bobbin changes and includes extra needles, bobbins, a tool kit, dust cover, and standalone bobbin winder with auto shut off and speed control. The INNOVA is a well-engineered quilting marvel and has been tested in the real world through stress and strain analysis to arrive at the most balanced smoothest running machine on Earth.  INNOVA has the largest driveshaft’s of any longarm quilting machine on the market today, supported by sealed ball bearings eliminating the need for oiling or greasing the upper end of the machine keeping your quilts clean. Many of our competitors use bushings instead of ball bearings and they are in constant need of greasing and rebuilding. The only maintenance your  INNOVA requires is general cleaning of thread lint buildup and regular lubricating of the hook race in the bobbin area of your machine!

Nearly a Century of quilting machine experience in the commercial industry gives ABM International the leading edge in manufacturing a longarm quilting machine that is proven to continually deliver. With class leading stitch quality, no downtime and extreme versatility, the Innova is sure to please. The ABM INNOVA longarm quilting machines are shipped with our standard stitch regulator. However, customers can order a machine without stitch regulation if desired. The stitch regulator regulates the machine speed based on operator movement to control the stitches per inch, in and out of corners as well as in turns and tight radius's. It is fully programmable through the PLC operator interface. The number of stitches per inch are adjustable from 5-22. When in regulated mode, the machine will automatically accelerate and decelerate based on the quilting operator's movements.